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World leaders and their rides

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Stephen Harper moonlights in a Chevy Malibu?

Not surprisingly, it’s not that easy to find out exactly what make and model (or colour — go figure!) our planet’s most powerful men and women (but mostly men) have parked in their driveways, what with secret service on every street corner. We can’t, therefore, bring you tales of Stephen Harper careering around Ottawa in a Malibu (even though he just might have an old one around somewhere, according to some Internet car-rumour-mongers). Nevertheless, we decided to press on and bring you some a list of the those who hold the world’s highest offices and their rides.We based our choices of leaders on a) size/global influence of homeland, b) the quality of cars they might possess (helloooo, Italy!), and c) whim. Also, in Harper’s case, on being Canadian. We didn’t forget about Japan. They like Toyotas. Surprise! Hey, it’s our gallery.
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