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World's worst places to break down

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Road of Death, Bolivia

Any place that's dubbed the "Road of Death" ranks high on our list. The North Yungas Road in Bolivia was famously recognized as the worst road in the world in 1995 by the Inter-American Development Bank. Stretching 60-odd kilometres from the capital city of La Paz to Coroico, the road, in a terrible state of disrepair, winds along the mountains. The elevation is nearly 3,600 metres with hairpin turns galore, and no form of barrier between you and the near kilometre-long drop to the bottom. When at its peak for traffic, the road was used heavily by huge buses and transport trucks, which passed each other within millimetres of colliding. It is estimated that 200 people died each year on the Road of Death. Although a modern, fully paved bypass was opened in 2006, the North Yungas Road still sees a fair amount of traffic, this time with thrill seekers travelling by bike. Talk about a death wish.Also see:Video:Watch drivers navigate the "Road of Death"Bing:Photos of Bolivia's dramatic roadsMap:Where is Bolivia?Gallery:Most dangerous places to drive
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