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Worst cars of the decade

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Bob English – ’09 - present Nissan Cube

Obvious soft targets such as the Daewoo Leganza (any Daewoo for that matter) and the universally reviled Pontiac Aztek aside, the first decade of the new millennium didn't produce a vehicle I could work myself into a seriously vitriolic froth about until this fall when I was, thankfully quite briefly, exposed to Nissan's new Cube. Maybe one oddly-cube-like vehicle is all I can take in a given year. Or perhaps I just used up all my good-will for this aberrational style of urban vehicle on Kia's Soul, which, although I admitted to actually liking it in print, looks something like a full-face crash helmet that had taken on the shape of the box it was packed in.Either way, the time I spent in the Cube proved more than long enough to decide I wasn't enjoying the experience. My take on its styling is, that while I personally would rather be seen at the wheel of something as brutally ugly as, say, Ford's Flex, I suppose there are people out there who might think it cute or at least funky. But I couldn't help feeling it was trying too hard to be cool, which is just about always a fatally not-good-thing to do. It brought to mind for me was a line delivered by Ted Danson, playing a TV doc in the sitcom Becker, who told a hip-hop teen wearing his cap backwards as he shooed him out "And turn your hat around. You couldn't possibly be as stupid as that makes you look." And, oh yeah, it's just as ugly inside and not much fun to drive either, underpowered and with underwhelming handling.Related Autos links:Automotive story of the decadeBest cars of the decadeMSN Autos' top drives of 2009
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