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Beyoncé Started This Strict Coachella Diet at 218 Lbs

In Homecoming, Beyoncé opened up about the epic journey she underwent to prepare for her <a href="">historic Coachella 2018 performance</a> 10 months after <a href="">giving birth to twins</a> via <a href="">emergency C-section</a>. While she made many sacrifices in preparing for the show, it became clear that one of the most extreme was in her restrictive diet. <a href=""> Keto, Fasting, 80/20 and More: These Diets Have Helped Stars Shed Major Pounds </a> “In order for me to meet my goals, I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol,” she said <a href="">in the documentary</a>, which began streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, April 17. “I’m hungry.” In the past, she and her husband, <a href="">Jay-Z</a> — who share children Blue Ivy, 7, and twins Rumi and Sir, now 22 months — challenged fans to go vegan in the forward for nutritionist Marco Borges’ book, The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World. While following her strict pre-Coachella meal plan, the 37-year-old star was also undertaking a fitness regimen, doing her <a href="">beloved SoulCycle</a>, working with a trainer and going through dance routines. <a href=""> Stars Who Dropped Pregnancy Pounds in 2018 </a> The Grammy winner had a long way to go in order to be physically prepared for her show. “I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth,” she shared. “I had to rebuild my body from cut muscles. What people don’t see is the sacrifice.” “Just trying to figure out how to balance being a mother of a six-year-old and of twins that need me, and giving myself creativity and physically, there’s a lot to juggle,” she continued. “It’s not like before when I could rehearse 15 hours straight. I have children. I have a husband. I have to take care of my body.” However, the Lemonade creator revealed she now realizes it was too much on her body. “I definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could and I’ve learned a very valuable lesson,” she said. “I will never, never push myself that far again.” <a href=""> Stars Who Swear by Meditation </a> She continued, “I feel like I’m just a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I’m not even trying to be who I was. It’s just so beautiful that children do that to you.”
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