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Our Best Shrimp Recipes Will Turn You Into a Seafood Master

Saveur Logo By SAVEUR Editors of Saveur | Slide 1 of 50: <p>In China, this combination of shrimp, scallops, and crab is a special-occasion dumpling filling. The clean flavor and slippery texture of the shellfish are unobscured by any filler. Serve steamed dumplings directly from the bamboo steamers, since their delicate wrappers can break in transfer. <a href="">Get the recipe for Steamed Mixed Shellfish Dumplings »</a></p>

Our 50 Best Shrimp Recipes Will Turn You Into a Seafood Master

Delicate, briny, and sweet, it's no surprise shrimp are the most popular seafood to cook in the United States. While a great shrimp recipe may call for little more than lemon and butter, we've collected our 50 best recipes with shrimp to show off just how delicious this crustacean can be. Shrimp scampi, paella, shrimp cocktails, and dumplings just scratch the surface. They're also the perfect thing to add to your crawfish boil. Shrimp cooks quickly and takes just a bit of time to prepare. Learn how to de-vein shrimp and you can get to making your favorite shrimp recipes in no time. But save those shrimp shells! They add the perfect hit of shrimpy flavor to your seafood soups, shrimp stocks, and cooking oils. Shrimp is perfect for fried dishes as the crunch gives way to tender, succulent meat inside. Shrimp tempura is an incredibly popular dish but with our guide to perfect tempura, it is just as easy to make at home. Tiger shrimp, white shrimp, pink shrimp, and even prawns—there are so many kinds of shrimp to choose from and they all have distinctive tastes. We've rounded up our absolute best shrimp recipes here. Watch How to De-Vein Shrimp The essential ways to cook the U.S.'s most popular seafood.

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