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Mom Defends Herself for Looking Perfect After Giving Birth logo 2018-07-12 Chaunie Brusie
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We are all familiar by now with how picture-perfect Kate Middleton looked when she stepped out of the hospital merely hours after birthing her third child in April. Those of us who looked a little worse for the wear after our own deliveries marveled at her perfectly unswollen ankles, her glowing, unsweaty skin and her elegantly curled hair.

We might have chuckled while sharing memes about what we looked like compared to Middleton and chalked up her perfect appearance to the fact that she's literally royal. But what happens when women look like Middleton in "real life"? What happens when real-life moms share pictures of themselves looking just as perfectly blown-out and fresh-faced as the Duchess herself?

Well, if that mom is blogger Amy Weatherly, she might have to prepare herself for some not-so-nice comments thrown her way.

Weatherly shared an image of herself shortly after her third baby's delivery, and she is, for all intents and purposes, giving Middleton a run for her money. Weatherly shared the post with a sweet message for moms, but many of the comments were focused solely on her appearance.

"You won’t look like this after giving birth, though," one commenter wrote.

"Dear pregnant mumma, don’t worry if you don’t look perfectly manicured like the lady in the picture above," wrote another. "Keep it real, I like that I look a little overwhelmed and emotional in my photos. You can look polished any other day!"

The comments only got worse after the parenting website Scary Mommy shared Weatherly's post on their own Facebook page, where it garnered even more views. The comments there were so focused on the mom's perfect makeup and blowout, in fact, that she had to step into the comments herself to defend what she looked like.

"This is my photo. This was my birth," Weatherly wrote. "I went into labor unexpectedly while my husband was out running errands, and to distract myself from contractions, I put on makeup and it lasted. That’s it. There’s not a big story to tell."

That said, she also wrote that every birth is beautiful and a mother shouldn't have to defend how she looks while pushing out a human being.

"You can look however you damn well want while giving birth, if that's your thing," she continued. "Whether they're Kate Middleton or our neighbor down the street, giving birth quickly with makeup on does happen and it's time we stopped obsessing over how women look, period."

And that's all Weatherly wrote, mostly because that's all that needs to be said. Well done, Mama, well done.

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