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This Will Be the Healthiest Zodiac Sign in 2019, According to an Astrologist

Best Health logo Best Health 2018-12-27 Brooke Nelson
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A new year calls for new goals, new opportunities, and new challenges. Some of us might hope to save more money, while others may aspire to read more books. Without a doubt, everything from love to prosperity will be on the table as you decide on your resolutions for 2019. But one particular zodiac sign will make huge progress in terms of their health this upcoming year. While making your resolutions, just be sure to avoid the 19 New Year’s resolutions experts say to never make.


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People with a birthday between June 21 and July 22—Cancers—can look forward to a year of fitness gains, according to Susan Miller, astrologist and author of The Year Ahead 2019. That’s because Jupiter, which is the planet of gifts, happiness, and love, will fall into Cancer’s house of health and wellness in 2019, she says. “Having Jupiter in the sixth house makes you lose weight because you start eating the right way—eating what nature made for us,” Miller says. “This should also give Cancers a boost of happy feeling that they can lose those last five pounds or go to the gym.” Don’t miss what your zodiac sign reveals about your health.

Ready to tackle your health goals, but don’t know where to begin? Almost everyone who is a Cancer prefers light activity like Pilates or power walking over extreme workouts, according to Miller. And if you are a Cancer, she also suggests keeping the salt in your diet low; Cancers tend to retain water more than other signs. There is good news for Sagittarians as well, Miller says. Jupiter will fall into their house of energy and strength in 2019, which will boost their motivation to hit the gym. But that doesn’t mean the other signs won’t have their fair share of fitness gains. To get a head start, find out how you should lose weight, according to your zodiac sign.

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