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64% Of Millennials Are Single So We're Not Alone!

W Dish logo W Dish 2015-06-10 Russell Sabio
64% Of Millennials Are Single So We're Not Alone! © SHUTTERSTOCK 64% Of Millennials Are Single So We're Not Alone!

You're at home, swiping left on Tinder, thinking you will never find love. You're comparing yourself to all your friends in relationships (all of your friends) thinking that will never be you.

Here's the thing crew, 64 per cent of your peers are in the same boat—single. This is according to a new Gallup poll that surveyed 18-29 year-olds in the U.S.

That number has been on a steep incline since 2004 when the number of single folk in the same age demographic was 52 per cent. At the same time, the number of people in our age group that are getting married is on the decline, with only 26 per cent of millennials married in 2013, a Pew survey revealed

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To that end, millennias have less sex than the Boomer generation. 

W Dish recently reported on a study that shows millennials have fewer sexual partners than their parents did. 

"Nearly seven per cent of 20-somethings have sex two to five times a week, 49 per cent said they did not have sex in the past year and a third of millennials are still virgins," we reported at the time

So we're single and not having sex and that's okay! 

Experts say this all an indication of us being more aware of the consequences. 

"High divorce rates, drug addiction, and a lot of teenage pregnancy and so on, and there are many of them who have grown up to be more conservative in terms of some of their own social behavior," Jeffrey Arnett, a professor at Clark University, said

So we good! Don't you worry and get off that app...five more swipes. 


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