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10 Common Household Products You've Been Using Wrong All Along

Bob Vila Logo By Ayn-Monique Klahre of Bob Vila | Slide 1 of 11: <p>Wahoo, leftovers! Pull them out of the fridge, pop ‘em into the microwave, and you have dinner in minutes. But if you’re using the same plastic container to reheat your food as you used to store it, beware: Not all <a href="">plastic storage containers</a> are microwave-safe, and if they’re not, those high temperatures could leak plastics into your food. So before you reheat, check the bottom of the container to make sure it’s microwave-safe, or better yet, reheat the food in a glass or ceramic bowl or plate.</p><br><p><strong>Related: <a href="">7 Clever (Unauthorized) Uses for Common Appliances</a></strong></p>

You’ve got your home care routine down—but a few of your go-tos might be doing more harm than good, losing you money and even damaging your possessions. Here are 10 common household products you’ve been using wrong all along—and the right way to use them.


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