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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - July 19

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Mind your manners today, and feel free to open doors that you have never opened before. Maintain your principals and your integrity as you venture forth into worlds unknown. Don't write people off without giving them a fair chance. Do not judge everyone around you. Give others an equal amount of respect. It may be hard to maintain a solid grounding today, but it would do you good to at least try.Leave your doubts in the past and look forward to a brighter future.

Your love horoscope

In spite of the leaps and bounds you've taken over the last several months, a slump could soon set in as you start doubting your ability to attain your most cherished goals. An unexpected setback may have occurred that was disheartening, but you've never let this sort of thing stop you before. Don't fall into this trap now. Brace yourself, reassess your methods, and get back in the saddle. You'll get there!

Your career horoscope

Pay attention to what your family and friends bring to you today. They could bring you news or ideas that help you to sort something out. Maybe they will help you to get perspective on an issue that has been bothering you. They could offer an unusual solution to your work situation or your personal life. So be open to other people's ideas today, and dare to share what is on your mind.

Your finance horoscope

Some misinformation could come to you today, possibly via telephone. This could be gossip or rumor, or even outright lies, but it could also be that whomever you're speaking to is simply mistaken. If what you hear is likely to be important to you, then check out the facts before accepting it or taking any action. If it doesn't really matter, then take it with a grain of salt, and let it go.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Expect to spend some time meditating on your life today. Given the mood of the past few months, you are justified in your desire to make certain changes. With today's planetary energies, you may be considering how to acquire the means that would enable you to change horizons. You may be contemplating travel, or perhaps simply a long, refreshing rest. Do more than think about it, do it!

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today you might pick up a new skill involving technology. You're a quick learner so picking up some new computer knowledge interests you. Maybe you'll explore using a new software application, or study the Web and find a way for this application to be more productive and efficient! You could look into WordPress or Blogger and put together an exciting blog!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from July 15 to July 21

Life: The stars are helping you get what you want this week and nothing can hold you back! Your motivation and determination are sky high which means your plans and projects are progressing at an amazing speed.

Love: Love is guiding your decisions right now and you are feeling on top of the world. If you are in a relationship you’ll feel closer to your partner this week. If you are single you could be missing an ex-partner.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of July

Love: Your family is a real source of inspiration for you and will never let you down in your times of need. If you have only been in a relationship for a short time, try to take things slowly or you risk scaring your partner.

Life: Your finances are looking in good shape this month and your good mood is becoming completely infectious. If you are taking time off work this summer, be sure to get in as much rest and relaxation as possible in order to take your mind off your work responsibilities.

Bonus: Use the summer months to throw yourself into a new sport.

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