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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - November 25

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Today you could be very involved with family members. There could be some passionate discussions about things going on in your family, where different opinions are offered. There could be some disagreements about what needs to be done, and you need to make sure that your point of view is heard. You could have a solution that others need to hear today. Try to express the practical nature of your solution.Discover what the future has in store for you.

Your love horoscope

Romantic relationships are enhanced by increased communication at this time. Relationships of all kinds could be especially beneficial, as this is a day when the melding of two minds is much greater than the sum of two separate ones. Expect a lot of interesting discussions with those close to you... they could lead to the opening of a lot of new possibilities for you to pursue in the future. Enjoy your day.

Your career horoscope

You usually try to avoid conflicts, preferring instead to withdraw into your shell and work quietly on your own tasks. But today you could find yourself drawn into a situation where others will really need to hear your point of view. You may have more direct experience about the topic at hand, and others can benefit from your guidance. Don't look at it as interfering. See it as preventing further troubles up ahead.

Your finance horoscope

Today you could be thinking about taking a class. You've always had an active mind, and you enjoy learning about new topics. Maybe you will consider going back to school for an advanced degree. You could have an area of business or communications that you enjoy. Or maybe you will just want to take a seminar with a knowledgeable mentor. Think about a practical, immediate way of picking up some new skills.

Your wellbeing horoscope

If you are having trouble tackling a giant problem at this time, don't get discouraged or overwhelmed. They key for you is to break things down into smaller chunks, analyze them, and figure out their role within the greater whole. You will find that by taking things one step at a time, any problem you encounter will be infinitely easier to overcome than you may have first thought.

Tomorrow's horoscope

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is punished for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mortals. Your Promethean spirit may be criticized today, as your visions are considered somewhat incendiary and subversive. Dare to retort that revolution makes the world go round. Like Prometheus, you're on the side of humanity.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from November 21 to November 27

Life: Fatigue sets in over the course of the week, and Mars and Uranus promise to make things tough come the weekend. You’ll act without thinking and your impulses will run wild- keep a hold of yourself!  

Love: The week is far from easy, but thanks to Mercury, Venus, and the Moon, you’ll reach out to your friends and family as of Thursday. It’s here where you’ll learn to see a loved one in a different light.

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On the 4th, the New Moon in Scorpio encourages you to fall in love. From the 5th, Venus in your couple sector strengthens your love links but also brings a beautiful harmony in your professional collaborations.


Mars in Scorpio from the 1st joined by Mercury from the 6th will allow you to foil all traps with your excellent reactivity, your good analysis of situations, and adequate reflexes. Between the 10th and the 13th, Saturn reinforces your demands on yourself and makes you even more fussy.


You are in enviable shape and in good spirits, plus, all your senses are alert. Around the 19th, the Full Moon pushes you towards hedonism, you seek pleasure wherever you can find it in this chilly month, and it works out rather well for you. Various outings are a source of delight.

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