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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - March 18

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You may be feeling a little bit lost in the dust today. Somehow what you are thinking and feeling is not exactly chiming with the conversation at hand. Don't feel like you need to agree with the group just so you can feel like you fit in. Maintaining your own unique point of view is critical. You are better off just rolling with the punches as opposed to trying to put up a fight.Discover what the future has in store for you.

Your love horoscope

Today is a good day to take completely off. Don't lift a single finger to do any house cleaning or chores! Take the kids to an amusement park, or see if the circus is in town! You all deserve a day filled with love, laughter, cotton candy and pop corn. Enjoy the memories you are creating together.

Your career horoscope

You could feel like you are outgrowing a particular group right now. Maybe you are feeling disconnected from some of your friends. You may have gone your separate ways over the past few months. Or maybe you are suddenly feeling at odds with those in your working environment. You could be wondering if it is time to move on to a completely new job. You might enjoy being in a new professional setting!

Your finance horoscope

You might find it difficult to move forward with your projects today, especially if you need to enlist the help of others. There is an overwhelming stubborn quality to the day that is causing things to get jammed up in gridlock. When neither party wants to budge, the result is complete chaos for everyone. Realize that you might have to give a little in order to get a little. Be the first one to release your grip, and things will run much more smoothly.

Your wellbeing horoscope

The slightest thing may set you off into a downward spiral of self-pity today, so beware. Try your best to stay out of that nasty trap. Keep things on a positive note by sticking to your goals and do what needs to get done. The more productive you are today, the better you will feel. Your emotions are apt to be quite sensitive, so stay close to people who are positive and upbeat. You don't need any emotional leeches.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You may feel rather lonely and isolated, as if there is no one you can really communicate with. Your interactions with others may seem as if you are giving a speech to other people, instead of having a discussion with them. Perhaps you feel as if you are talking to yourself most of the time; that no one is really listening on a deep level. This doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you or the person you are talking to. It is just a passing phase, so don't get too hung up on it.

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Life: Luck will be on your side this week, which means you need to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Living in the moment will open you up to some truly amazing experiences that you won’t forget.

Love: If you are in a relationship, this week you’ll want everyone to know how happy and fulfilled you really are. You’ll be expressing your love and shouting it from the rooftops. If you are single, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of March

Love: Your love life is making other people jealous this month; in reality your relationship couldn’t be any stronger! You feel more connected than ever before to your partner and really are speaking from the heart. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone special.

Life: Your plans are likely to be derailed this month because of Mercury. You’ll be left feeling disappointed in March and will be frustrated at your lack of progress at work. Hang on in there, things will get better.

Astro bonus: Jupiter will give you the strength to stand up for yourself.

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