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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - September 27

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You are liable to find people overly aggressive today. Of course, you are an expert at avoiding confrontation. Your ability to soar above almost any unpleasantness keeps you apart from the barbarians below. However, the day ahead contains issues about your future that are likely to interest you. You must swoop down in order to deal with them. If you have any doubt, an authority figure is likely to remind you of your responsibilities.Gain the insight and clarity you deserve with the help of our experts.

Your love horoscope

Today is a great day to make your big move. If there is something in the department of love and romance that you feel you need to take action on, this is the day to do it. It's now or never! Approach all situations in a grounded, practical, caring manner. Plow forward with confidence and don't look back. Indulge in those things that give you pleasure. Consider getting a massage or taking a bubble bath tonight.

Your career horoscope

You might need to take some time off from pursuing a goal. You could feel a little exhausted or worn out. Maybe you have been trying to go to school while working at the same time. You might need to take a semester off and give your body time to recover. Or perhaps you are juggling the complex demands of a relationship and your career. One aspect of your life might need to take priority for a while.

Your finance horoscope

Take extra precautions to get all the facts before making any important financial decisions. Today's aspects can cause a person to be more trusting than is safe, making you easier to fleece than normal. Don't be too proud to get a second opinion or to ask someone whose opinion you trust for their advice if you're even a little bit unsure about something. Let the snake like salesman move on to their next victim.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Instead of complaining about how restless you feel, today you might like to use this restlessness for some physical activity. Getting out of the house and getting some air can do wonders for your concentration and focus. If you live in the city, why not take a brisk walk in your lunch hour? Or phone some friends and arrange for some physical activity together, either indoors or out in the evening. If your lifestyle is rather sedentary, like it is for so many people, try to climb some stairs instead of using the elevator, or use a bike if you can. Any activity other than sitting will help to channel your energies.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Some strange dreams about a friend might cause you to wake up, wondering about the current circumstances surrounding that person. It might be difficult, however, to contact him or her. The dream probably isn't prophetic, nor was it meant to reflect your friend's present situation. Your state of mind and that of your friend were probably what the dream was calling to your attention. Think about it. Keep trying to reach your friend, but don't panic.

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Gemini weekly horoscope:

Mercury will shake things up for you this week and really is set to throw things off track for you. At work, nothing will run smoothly, and you’ll end up frustrated and angry at your performances.

Gemini love horoscope:

When it comes to your love life, Jupiter is working on ensuring you adopt a positive attitude towards your love life. Venus on the other hand is adding a touch of passion to your love life and will bring you closer to your partner.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of September


Until the 10th, Venus and Jupiter will give you ideas of marriage and will favor complicit moments. When you are alone, you have the chance to meet your ideal. However, from the 15th onwards, a conflict linked to frustrations may erupt.


The first two weeks of September are laborious. You are dragging your feet, and your lack of enthusiasm at work can be seen ten kilometers away. Then, Mars in Libra changes everything: you find yourself in the mood again thanks to stimulating colleagues or to a collective mission that motivates you.


Jupiter helps you to put your mood into perspective. Fortunately, because you must wait until the 15th to assume your responsibilities and ensure the more sustained rhythm of September without feeling out of step. Then, from the 23rd, the Sun in Libra reinforces your good will as well as your aura.

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