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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - July 22

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You could be around some exciting, interesting people today. You'll be craving the company of people who inspire you. You won't want to hang out with friends or family who just bring you down. Allow yourself to seek environments where creative people gather. Go to a funky coffeehouse and observe the customers as they come and go. Or attend a theater event and hang out with the performers after the show.Is your soulmate just around the corner? Find out here.

Your love horoscope

You may experience some mental distractions that are pulling you in separate directions today. There may be a stubborn battle brewing, internally and externally. Realize that being in the middle of these disputes is actually to your advantage. Look at this situation as a way to learn something about yourself and others. Understanding the viewpoints of your opposition will help you greatly. Incorporate the old and the new into your way of thinking.

Your career horoscope

If you are involved in an occupation similar to your mother or father, today you question if the choice was yours or preordained. Did you take this particular career path of your own volition? If not, what is it that you should really be doing with your professional life? You feel a bit rebellious and yearn for more independence. You might want to consider ways to find more freedom within the confines of your existing career...

Your finance horoscope

No more excuses, no more delays. This is the day when you must clear off your desk, return all those emails and voice mails and generally get your business life back on track. You may surprise yourself by how much you enjoy the process once you get started. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with a high level of productivity. By the end of the day you will be tired, but proud of a job well done and an increased bank balance.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Sometimes you like to play and have so much fun, that it's easy for you to overlook more serious issues in your life. Today something that you haven't been dealing with could require some quick resolution. If you are in financial debt, you'll want to make sure that all of your payments are up to date. If there is a person in your life who has been causing you distress, don't hesitate to stand up to them today.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today you might receive an invitation to a social event, which you'll really want to attend. People who might prove to be important contacts might be there. Nonetheless, you might find that other responsibilities could interfere with your plans, and therefore you might experience a wave of disappointment. Still, if you think creatively, you could find a way to fulfill your obligations and attend the event as well. Think about it!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from July 15 to July 21

Life: Things could start getting you down a little at work this week, but whatever happens try to keep your head up and do your best. A big financial opportunity could come by this week, so be sure to seize it!

Love: You and your partner could be going through a power struggle this week which could eventually push you apart if you don’t establish an agreement. When tensions boil over try not to say anything you could regret.

Is love in the air for your zodiac sign?

Here are your free predictions for the month of July

Love: Your relationship with your partner is becoming deeper and more meaningful which is great news! Try to focus some of your time on your partner and the passion will soon engulf your relationship. If you are single looking for love won’t lead to anything significant now.

Life: Unfortunately not even a magical genie could help you boost your professional aspirations this month. Be patient this month even if the results and outcomes don’t go your way, your positive attitude will help you through.

Bonus: A friend could reach out for help and advice this month.

Is love in the air for your zodiac sign?


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