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Leo: Your daily horoscope

Leo: Your daily horoscope - June 21

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Your high from your recent successes could have you wanting to go crazy purchasing luxury items that you previously didn't feel were practical. This is fine, as long as you are discriminating, and don't give in to the temptation of impulse buying. This is also not a good time to overindulge in food and drink. You should definitely allow yourself to enjoy your successes - while still making use of your common sense.

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Your LOVE horoscope

At first you may be taken aback by someone's aggressive approach to things, but then you may see that really, this person has something important that you can learn from. Study this way of going about things and realize that you need to adopt more of this assertive manner in order to become successful in your life. This holds true especially with matters of love and romance.

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Your CAREER horoscope

Some unsettling news about your working situation might reach your ears today, and have you feeling a few doubts about it. You might question your future in this field and possibly consider a change. Consider it by all means but this is not the day to make a final decision of any kind. Wait until you're in a less insecure frame of mind. In the meantime: Make lists of your different options. This can reinforce a sense of reality.

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Your FINANCE horoscope

Social events could put you in touch with a lot of interesting people, some of whom may be in fields such as law, education, or the ministry. Expect at some point to be treated to a monologue on social and ecological responsibilities! You yourself will have a lot of definite ideas on those subjects, but most of the day you'll be more likely to listen than talk. Enjoy your day.

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Your WELL BEING horoscope

You may find that things are much lighter and more elusive than they were the past couple days. Now is a good time to let your physical body take a rest and let your mind and fantasy world take over. Take a hot bath and soak for a while. Relax your brain and detach yourself from your duties and obligations. Tread lightly and don't worry so much about what you need to do tomorrow. Concentrate on today.

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