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Leo: Your daily horoscope

Leo: Your daily horoscope - November 14

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You may be scolded for certain things that you failed to take care of properly. Perhaps you forgot to pay attention to certain details that must be attended to. However, there is a wonderfully expansive feeling to the day that should be capitalized on. Try not to get too bogged down with the small things. Don't be overwhelmed with what you did wrong. There are so many more wonderful things to celebrate, so why spoil them with a couple of nitpicky details?

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Your LOVE horoscope

You could be in the mood to guide or teach someone today. If you are a parent, you might help your kids learn to do something, like put together an object or work on the computer. Your enthusiasm will empower them to learn more. Or you could help another loved one figure out something. Maybe your parents need assistance with something in their home. Step in and be a good Boy Scout today!

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Your CAREER horoscope

Currently, many factors are working to transform you. Today's aspects should bring out the first major modifications in your day-to-day attitudes and modus operandi. Paradoxically, you will find yourself feeling more grounded and stable, and therefore more lighter and flexible. Perhaps you will be inspired to change your living arrangements as well...

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Your FINANCE horoscope

You can expect to receive either a letter or a phone call today that could require a significant investment of your time. This is likely not the way you intended to spend your day, so you may be somewhat annoyed by the intrusion. By all means, enlist the help of others. You can't be expected to do everything, especially since this problem was thrust upon you at the last minute. Do what you can, within reason, and be sure to keep some time in reserve for yourself.

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Your WELL BEING horoscope

Sometimes you like to follow the flow of your feelings and live moment-to-moment. Your instincts tend to be pretty good, so normally, this is just fine. But today you might be more in the mood to figure things out. Maybe you'll be thinking about your motivations and the patterns of your personality, seeing if you need to make some changes in attitude. It's good to introspect and meditate today.

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