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Leo: Your daily horoscope - December 19

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Have you been going to church lately? A church does not have to be a building with stained glass windows and a steeple. It can be anyplace where your soul is soothed and your spirit soars. A walk by a lake, or a stroll through a forest where leaves crunch and crackle beneath your feet are just a few of the places that serve as churches for souls in need. Find your spiritual oasis and go there. You need to recharge and refuel.Get to know our awesome advisors.

Your love horoscope

You always like to learn new things, in order to satisfy your insatiable curiosity. Yet, today everything may seem very banal to you. So why don't you do something else for once, like taking care of yourself! You might want to get a check-up at the doctor's just in case. Take it easy today. No one can be as active as you every single day of the year!

Your career horoscope

Just because something is fun or exciting doesn't mean its bad for you. Don't feel like you have to put the breaks on a good time just because it feels as if you aren't getting your work done. Your "work" today is that you go out and have fun. These are the doctor's orders, so take note. Go out and have a good time. The more you reach out to others, the happier you will be.

Your finance horoscope

Today you could enjoy spending time with different people. You probably won't want to just sit quietly at home. You might want to stop in to see a friend. You might enjoy a few minutes of chat and silly jokes. Or you could visit a family member you don't often see. Stop by to say hello to a grandparent. Or sneak up on your nieces and nephews and give them some bear hugs!

Your wellbeing horoscope

This may be a rather boring day. Remember falling asleep in those endless elementary school classes? How much you wanted to be outside playing in the sunshine? You may feel the same way today. In fact, it seems you're not getting to do any of the things you really want to. Well, the advantage of being an adult is that there's no teacher to tell you to pay attention. You can take a long lunch, or take the afternoon off and go to the movies.

Tomorrow's horoscope

It may be difficult for you to get a focus on anything. The trick for you is to not take anything too emotionally. Keep things on the lighter, more mental side, and don't get too frustrated if you can't seem to find the tools to dig as deeply down as you would like. You may be more productive if you skim the tops of many things instead of trying to penetrate far below the surface of one thing in particular.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from December 16 to December 22

Life: You have something to be glad about! There’s a beautiful world for you to succeed in, financially and professionally, so you can end the year with a big smile of satisfaction. Those looking for work, send off that resumé now!

Love: This will be a time of small shake ups but if there happens to be an argument of your relationship, don’t throw it away in a moment of passion. Try to initiate a constructive conversation instead if possible.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of December

Love: It’s more difficult to sort out issue in your relationships when it’s not you whose searching for the slightest fault, but them. You no longer know where to start to bring back serenity in the relationship. Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Life: There are great people in your life who’ll help you find professional and financial success, so you can finish the year with a big smile of satisfaction.

Astro Bonus: Your ability to quickly adapt will help you excel at work.

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