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Leo: Your daily horoscope - April 20

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You are apt to be extremely indecisive today, so you may be better off not even trying. Let someone else take the reins and you can just skate along for the ride. Take a back seat and enjoy the scenery while someone else guides you around. If conflict arises, keep in mind that the best solution might not always be the most agreeable. Don't feel bad about hurting someone's feelings if you know that what you are telling them is the truth.Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here!

Your love horoscope

Today could be a pleasant day for your social life. People around you will likely be in good spirits and you'll enjoy your conversations with them. At home, family members may also be feel very positive and social. It might be a good time to invite some friends or extended family over for a visit. A wonderful harmonic atmosphere may be present and the time spent together will bring joy to everyone. Enjoy the light-heartedness that surrounds you today.

Your career horoscope

You could be in the mood to get your house in order today. As this mood doesn't strike very often, you may find yourself with a lot of work to do! It's a good time for getting down into the corners of things. A clean house can make for a clearer state of mind, and with all of the changes that have been happening for you lately, you could use a more harmonious environment to keep you balanced.

Your finance horoscope

You may not be satisfied with the amount of things you get done today. It's possible you may see, today, that several of the projects you have going just aren't where you would like them to be. If this is true, try to look at the good side of things; it may be a good idea just to let them go and free yourself up for other things that are more worthy of your attention, and that will give you a better sense of personal satisfaction.

Your wellbeing horoscope

You are not one to put much stock in the inner meanings of dreams, nevertheless you may have had a dream recently that was so accurate in its prediction as to be almost scary. Certainly it was uncanny. Write down everything you remember about it, and then discuss the images with a friend. Don't worry, she won't laugh at you. More than likely she'll have some telling insights to offer.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You may be frustrated by those who have pompous attitudes and inflated heads. Maybe you are just jealous that other people are getting the attention you feel you deserve. If you feel that this is the case, stand up and say so. Realize that it is fine to toot your own horn. You have every right to be proud of who you are, and to let the world know that you have a great deal to share.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from April 14 to April 20

Life: Your energy and natural fighting spirit will help you battle through this tough week. Your natural determination makes you a true competitor and people are always happy to get on board with your ideas.

Love: You are completely seductive and people find you impossible to resist in love and romance. Pay attention to jealous people in your entourage this week and try to avoid their negativity. It’s time for a serious talk with your partner.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of April

Life: Are you dreaming of changing jobs and doing something that really interests you? April is set to a good month for you to follow your dreams and try new things out. People will ask too much of you and you’ll finish the month frustrated.

Love: If you are in a relationship, it’s time for you to face up to your problems and to deal with them like an adult. Giving your partner the silent treatment won’t help them understand your point of view. If you want your relationship to succeed, work on your communication.

Astro bonus: You are more focused than ever!

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