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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - May 18

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Your ship is finally coming into port after being out in the rough seas for so long. It is time to pull into the harbor and dock the boat for a while. Relax on dry land and explore the neighboring area. There is nothing wrong with getting off your vessel for a while. You may not even have realized how much you missed solid ground until now. Remember what it is like to be stable again.Is your soulmate just around the corner? Find out here.

Your love horoscope

This could be a day where you have to sort through different activities and gatherings that you would like to participate in. The energy of the day is social and busy. Friends could be inviting you to their house while family members insist that you visit with them, too! Decide which people will make you feel good, and spend time with them today. It's time to socialize and be light-hearted.

Your career horoscope

Even though you are not entirely comfortable expressing yourself, today will be the exception to the rule. You'll find yourself in a chatty mood, eager to share your ideas and brainstorm with coworkers. You will be a big contributor to any meetings you attend today. Once your colleagues get over their initial shock at the amount of words emanating from you, you will find that they are eager to help you implement your ideas.

Your finance horoscope

Your mind should be quite clear today, and communications will go extremely well for you. You will find that very few words are needed to get your point across. You will be connecting to people on many levels. Realize that you have important information to share with those around you. Your critical, practical, grounded opinion plays a key role in the activities of the day.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today you might not feel quite so secure about your financial situation, and thus you might get a little nervous. Disconcerting information in the news about the general state of the world economy might have planted some unsettling seeds in your mind. However, on the whole you should be pretty stable now financially, and this trend is likely to continue. Check out the facts before giving in to panic.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Don't act as if you have all the answers today. This attitude will get you nowhere. Remember that everyone you encounter has something to teach you, so don't disregard that homeless person on the street. The looks that you exchange with a stranger may make or break your attitude for an entire afternoon. Maintain a positive radiance instead of a sour one, and you will find that you are quite successful.

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Life: Big changes could make a feature in your life this week and you won’t really know what to think of them. Don’t panic, you’ll succeed in completing everything you need to and find the right path for you thanks to Uranus.

Love: The stars are making you crave love and intimacy this week. If you are single, why not think about organizing a weekend getaway with your partner? If you’re single, hit the town and you’ll find lots of people are attracted to you.

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Jupiter in Pisces from the 14th brings you peace and serenity within your family as well as in love. From the 26th onwards, Mercury, Venus and Neptune may bring about a disappointment in friendship.


Mars provides you with a good dose of energy to resolve outstanding issues. Fortunately, thanks to Jupiter, you have enough self-confidence to impose your desires. However, as of the 23rd, Saturn will force you to let your plans mature.


Jupiter offers you its support from the 14th. You see things in a more positive light even if physically you end the month with a lot of accumulated fatigue. Your home is your resource, so try to spend more time at home and don't run from one hobby to another!

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