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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - December 18

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You could be drawn to beautiful things today. Your artistic side could be heightened. You might want to visit an art museum or a gallery for some added inspiration. Or you could enjoy strolling around a city, admiring the fine architecture of the buildings. You might have fun listening to some of your favorite music, too. It's a good day to take in the beauty of some of humanity's finest creations.Leave your doubts in the past and look forward to a brighter future.

Your love horoscope

You could find yourself playing the role of peacemaker today. At home, your kids could be involved in a disagreement. There could be a lot of competition for your attention. Try to settle things by being loving but firm with them. Step in and help them to negotiate a truce! Otherwise, the day should be quite pleasant, and it will be good to spend time with your loved ones.

Your career horoscope

You are likely to be faced with conflicting reports today. Information may be tainted with a great deal of emotion, so be careful about going with the choice that shouts the loudest. You may be getting secretly pigeonholed into a place that you don't want to be. Heed the internal warnings you pick up on. This is a good day to work and play with passion. Take care of any investigative work that needs to be done.

Your finance horoscope

Today you could be trying to get greater control over your budget. Money might be on your mind as you pay bills and try to reduce your credit debt. You are quite conservative with money, but can be too generous when spending on family members. You might have recently splurged on a birthday gift for someone. Or maybe you are going out to eat too much with your romantic partner. Try to get a handle on finances today.

Your wellbeing horoscope

You're apt to wake up in a fantastic mood - so good a mood you won't know why! Some wonderful dreams that you don't recall may have cleared away a lot of old traumas and current doubts, freeing you to let loose and be your normal adventurous self. You'll probably get together with friends at some point, perhaps going on an outing of some kind. This should be a wonderful and gratifying day for you.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Stop beating yourself up so much. You set extraordinarily high standards for yourself, and can't bear it when you don't meet them. Take a moment to look objectively at your achievements versus those around you. You have done a lot, and will doubtless go on to even bigger and better accomplishments. Don't fret about the little setbacks that are bound to occur along the way.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from December 16 to December 22

Life: You shouldn’t only be collecting flowers this week … Mercury and Jupiter will help improve finances. You’ll be able to negotiate well and will find arguments over spending less convincing.

Love: As a family the climate is serene. Singles, Venus will direct her light towards you! You’ll be shaken by a meeting and will naturally begin thinking towards the next one.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of December

Love: Regardless of whether your relationship started recently or not, the sea is calm and the sun will shine over you as the year comes to a close. Visiting new destinations is something you’ll imagine. If you’re single, the sun will still shine over you though.

Life: Call on your inspiration to create, invent and think outside the box. If you have artistic talents, they ought to express themselves well this week.

Astro Bonus: Mercury and Jupiter will heighten your financial luck.

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