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People Are Struggling With This Weird Photo Of A Perfectly Normal Dog

The Dodo logo The Dodo 5 days ago Stephen Messenger

a dog lying on a bed A curious photo has been making the rounds on the internet in recent days — and it's left many people feeling stumped (at first, anyway).

The picture depicts, quite clearly, a little white animal lying down on a blanket. But what's not so obvious is exactly what kind of animal it actually is. A small horse? A pig? A goat? Guesses have varied pretty widely.

Go ahead. See for yourself. a dog lying on a bed © Twitter/govindatagle Turns out, the animal above couldn't be more recognizable. Chances are, you're just seeing things wrong.

What, toward the bottom of the photo, appears to be a mouth is actually an ear — and vice versa.

That's right. It's a dog.Rotating the pic makes things much clearer. a dog sitting on a bed © Twitter/iambettina And there's that.

Sure, many pups know how to shake hands or roll over — but it's not every day a dog comes along so skillful at tricks of the eye.


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