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7 Signs Your Marriage Has Changed

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There's an upside to getting old, I recently discovered. Staring at my computer has left me blind like a mole, so my wife, Karel, is forced to do most of our night driving. I'm one set of chunky prescription sunglasses away from looking like my grandpa. Meanwhile, Karel blew out her back dancing in the shower (you'd think she would have learned her lesson after the "broken ankle/Nelly/'Hot in Herre'" incident, but no). The result is I now carry in the groceries and take out the trash, not simply because I'm a chivalrous dude but because Karel can't. What's the silver lining? Getting older sucks much less when you realize "in sickness and in health" wasn't just a well-intentioned platitude. It's something you're living up to, and you're glad to do it. This got me thinking about the other moments when we realize something major has changed—I'm not talking wedding and childbirth, but the things you may not even notice until after the fact. Take a second and be proud of these:

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