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7 Signs Your Marriage Has Changed

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1. Your husband acts (and dresses) like himself around your parents.

Everyone wants to impress their potential future relatives. I wore a sweater vest and discussed "my career" when I first met Karel's parents. But I didn't have a career, and I found the vest in a movie theater's lost-and-found (true story). It was some time before I let her folks meet unedited Aaron, the one who wears work boots everywhere and thinks Paul Blart: Mall Cop is an underappreciated gem of American cinema. I was acutely aware of how important their opinion was to Karel; part of me was worried that if they saw the real me, they'd voice their concerns and she'd split. Getting comfortable with my in-laws meant I was confident in the strength of my relationship with my wife, no longer worried that a potentially bad review would close the show.

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