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Drew Barrymore & Tracee Ellis Ross Love This Icy Facial Tool That Lifts Wrinkles and Reduces Puffiness

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Old-school beauty tricks still hold true even today. You can use olive oil as a nourishing hair treatment or use vaseline for pretty much any ailment like our grandparents did. Whatever it may be, we’ve all been curious to try it. Luckily, we’ve found a celebrity-approved beauty tool that puts a spin on another classic. Applying an icy cold spoon to the face can supposedly help to depuff the under-eye or entire face. But now, this beauty hack has transformed into a much more fun alternative. Ice Globes are freezable wands that usually come with a spherical end. And so many celebrities like Drew BarrymoreTracee Ellis Ross, Jessica Alba, and Cindy Crawford are all huge fans of this facial tool. So, we’ve found a super cute yet effective version for you to see what all the hype is about. For just $30, you can get a pair of Sonäge’s Frioz Icy Globes to sculpt and lift your face at a budget-friendly price.

Sonäge Frioz Icy Globes Facial Massager

Image: Sonäge. - Credit: Courtesy of Sonäge. © Provided by SheKnows Image: Sonäge. - Credit: Courtesy of Sonäge. Courtesy of Sonäge.


The Frioz Icy Globes feels like a spa treatment as it does five different tasks at the same time. The 5-in-1 cryotherapy tool promotes blood circulation, reduces puffiness, calms down breakouts, minimizes pores, and visibly fades fine lines and wrinkles. They also help with lymphatic drainage to remove the body’s toxins and relax tense facial muscles. It’s no wonder it’s an award-winning item.

Note that this Sonäge product is completely made of glass, so take extra caution while using it. Ice Globes are effective when used correctly. Gently massage the tool across the skin with soft strokes or circular motion in its chilled state.

So, treat yourself to a face massage at home with Sonäge’s Frioz Icy Globes. And if you don’t mind splurging a bit more, then try out the Baby Frioz. This travel-friendly option reaches all contours of the face for just $54.

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