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A woman's selfie has gone viral for a rather unfortunate detail in the background.

Mamamia logo Mamamia 2017-04-21 Belinda Jepsen

A US woman is being trolled on Twitter over what might just be the impressive floordrobe we’ve ever seen.

Identifying herself only as ‘Shelbs’, the woman posted a #mirrorselfie to her social media account celebrating “sundress season”.

Yes, sure, lovely outfit. But… Would you take a look at that mess!

We’ve all left clothes lumped on the floor at one point in our lives (okay Mum, several), but good old Shelbs has taken it to another level.

Literally. She has somehow managed to defy physics and store clothes on top of her window.

Is… is she trying to fashion some kind of hipster curtain?

The mystery woman has since been inundated with comments and re-Tweets from people either horrified or suitably impressed by her unique clothing storage system.

Several offered their cleaning services in exchange for money or food, while one put his Photoshop skills to work in the hopes of inspiring her to do the decluttering herself.


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