During the early era of COVID lockdowns, the Athleisure trend dominated our closets. The gyms may have closed but cropped hoodies, leggings and athletic tops became the norm because this style of clothing made us feel productive and put together while still keeping us comfortable. As the pandemic dragged on and our living rooms became both the office and the yoga studio, the look took off. 

However, now that we are beginning to see the light at the end of a (very) long tunnel, we are starting to think about getting dressed up again; While it may not be totally acceptable to wear workout gear back to the office, there is a happy medium between function and fashion. Enter: Athflow.  Here is how to nail the look.

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What exactly is Athflow

Pinterest has defined this trend as more “dressed up” lounge wear; pulled together without losing the comfort. It borrows some sartorial notes from the athletic gear we’ve been rocking, but looks a little more polished. Roomy jumpsuits, long wrap-around cardigans and sweatsuits show up in soft, flowy fabrics. This way of dressing will be a great transition as we get ready to leave the house again. No need to worry though, Athflow has comfort as a key component and these clothes will go from work back to the couch seamlessly.


How to make it work

Athflow is about pairing different pieces together to create a look that is both relaxed and stylish. The good thing is that a lot of brands are embracing this aesthetic and are offering a lot of mix and match options to create a look that feels like your sweatsuit’s chic cousin.


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Start with a classic matching set

As with athleisure, you can still rock a matching set but try switching up the look by choosing softer fabrics, like fleece.

a person posing for the camera: FOOT LOCKER © footlocker.ca FOOT LOCKER a woman wearing a suit and tie: FOOT LOCKER © Footlocker.ca FOOT LOCKER  

Don’t forget the feet

Keep the comfort going right down to your feet by pairing your look with chic kicks, like these classic white Air Force Ones.

a close up of a footwear: FOOT LOCKER © footlocker.ca FOOT LOCKER

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Remember, satin is always sleek

Add a little satin for a dressier look, but remember to mix in a different fabric for the sweater to perfect the balance. The beads on this gray sweater add the eye-catching detail. 

a person standing posing for the camera: JOE FRESH © joefresh.com/ca/ JOE FRESH a person standing posing for the camera: JOE FRESH © joefresh.com/ca/ JOE FRESH  

Layer with a cardigan

Nothing feels more like a warm hug than a soft, long cardigan. 

a woman looking at the camera: H&M © hm.com H&M  

Mix in a crop or fitted top

Remember that athflow is also about contrast so pair the cardigan with a fitted top and flowy pants. 

a woman wearing a white shirt: H&M © H&M H&M

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Same, same but different

If your top is the focal point of that contrast, go for the same or similar material for the pants and embrace the Athflow look. If you’re going for a similar material, you can also play around with colour, choosing one that’s similar but perhaps a shade or two lighter or darker, or a close relative on the colour wheel.

a person standing posing for the camera: H&M © H&M H&M  

Add height

For another stylish option to the clean white sneak, go vertical with this platform.

a close up of a piece of paper: FOOT LOCKER © FOOT LOCKER FOOT LOCKER  

Jumpstart your day with a jumpsuit

The easiest way to embrace this trend is to rock a jumpsuit that is only slightly structured. Grab one and pair with some fly sneakers and you’re set for the day.

a close up of a person: GAP © GAP GAP a pair of sneakers: FOOT LOCKER © FOOT LOCKER FOOT LOCKER