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Why You Should Never, Ever Take Your Shoes off on an Airplane

Reader's Digest.CA logo Reader's Digest.CA 2018-01-05 Morgan Cutolo
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Flight attendants have seen everything while flying—seriously, these are the secrets they aren’t telling you. So when something grosses them out (e.g. passengers walking around the plane without their shoes on) take it from them—you really shouldn’t do it.

Airplane bathrooms might seem like they’re clean, but they’re actually pretty unsanitary. In between flights, the bathrooms are only given a quick spray of disinfectant, a wipe down, and then restocked with toilet paper. And we hate to break it to you, but that liquid you see on the floor most likely isn’t water, so you should really be wearing your shoes. Make sure you never do these 17 other things on a plane, either.

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The 17 Scariest Airplane Moments of 2017: Flying can be terrifying. The potential for accidents or mishaps is always present, although they're rare when compared to automobile accidents. From airplane food to the reason why cabin lights are dimmed, nearly every aspect of air travel has the potential to freak you out. Therefore, it can be doubly upsetting when something actually does go wrong on board.Over the past year, there were many scary moments on board various flights around the world. Most were handled with far more grace and care by their respective airlines than the various controversies this year, but perhaps it's because life and death situations tend to bring people together. Air safety is important, and these situations have brought quite a few issues to the attention of both the public and the air officials in charge of fixing them. We're hoping 2018 will have fewer moments like these, but just so you're aware, here are the 17 scariest moments in aviation of 2017. The 17 Scariest Airplane Moments of 2017

The bathroom isn’t the only reason you should keep your shoes on on a flight. When a passenger gets sick on a plane, the carpet is only spot cleaned. A cleaning crew will take care of those gross spots, but they won’t clean the whole area where germs could have spread.

We know it’s tempting to kick off your shoes and relax on a flight but it’s best to keep them on. You’ll be a lot cleaner and the people sitting around you will most likely thank you for it, too.

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