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How to Meet Someone at a Wedding, According to a Professional Wingman

It's wedding season. And you're supersingle. You've seen all the wedding movies, and you're pretty convinced that you'll meet your future partner at your best friend's wedding. But how exactly do you do that? If you have a plus one, should you bring a filler date so you won't be totally alone? How can you gain the attention of your wedding crush without acting like a crazy person? Anthony Recenello is a professional wingman/dating coach (yes, like Hitch), and in this video he has the answer to all of these questions and more. Recenello was written up in The New York Times and even featured on CNN for his unconventional job. He calls himself a "social development coach," which is not to be confused for a "pickup artist." His goal isn't to teach his clients (mostly male) how to pick up tons of women, rather to mentor them to become confident, which will lead to attracting the right person. I got to experience this mentoring firsthand in this video where Anthony taught me skills and tips any single person can use to meet someone at a wedding or just for life in general. Skills I plan on using at my best friend Lacey's wedding this June. Hope this helps. If not, there's always the bouquet to catch. Find out more about Anthony's work at





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