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Can You Spot the Missing Number in This Viral Puzzle?

Good Housekeeping logo Good Housekeeping 2017-06-09 Samantha Brodsky

There's nothing like a good puzzle - like the triumph of cracking a painstakingly hard riddle. A brainteaser released by Playbuzz sometime last year is making the rounds again for how surprisingly difficult it is to solve.

Here's the premise: Look at a sequence of numbers and figure out which one is missing as quickly as possible without going through the digits one by one. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

At first glance - and second and third - it's almost impossible to spot the omitted number between 1 and 49. See for yourself:

It's not some crippling mystery that calls for a Nancy Drew-level investigation, and it doesn't challenge your logic, yet the Internet is having a hard time solving it.

Speed factor aside, once you take the time to actually count in numerical order, you should be able to get your answer.

Find it yet? Here's a hint: It's somewhere in between 20 and 40.

(h/t AWM)

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