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Your Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 September

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a star filled sky: Your Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 September © Astrofame Your Weekly Horoscope 10 - 16 September

Another new week ahead! What's to be expected of this week? Our expert Susan has looked at the stars to give you a little insight into your week ahead. Your free horoscope of the week is here, discover it now!

Our astrologer and editor in chief, Susan, and her team have worked hard on this issue of your free weekly horoscope to offer you a little glimpse into the week of 17th to 26th October.

Discover the biggest trends in love, work, and finance thanks to astrology. Thanks to the precious indications of Susan, you’ll be able to kick start your week knowing what’s in store for you! Don’t miss out on your weekly head start!

What does this week hold for you? Find out here! 

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Life: Your week will begin with tranquility and will be a stress-free period. However, from Thursday onwards, Saturn will enhance your professional progression to help you move forward.  You can expect thunderous and fruitful returns on your efforts.

Love: On one hand, from Wednesday, you will strengthen some emotional relationships, but on the other hand, a break-up or some form of volatility could shake you up. Should there be two people in your life?

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Life: Do you have the Midas touch without knowing it? In any case, this week will allow you to prioritize your talents, for your efforts to bear fruit. Don’t hesitate to ask others for advice to get even more out of this week!

Love: You will be filled with an intense desire for freedom, a deep need for independence and an eagerness to display sincere affection towards those you close to you. If single, focus on friendships for now.

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Love: You will position yourself perfectly in this week signaling summer’s end. From the 6th, Mercury will have your back. Your thoughts will immediately pave the way for concrete, dynamic and efficient actions this week.

Life: Everything will go well for you this week, as if in a perfect world. Make the most of it to consolidate acquaintances or to declare your feelings because later. The tides may turn and your chances of success in finding satisfaction will be much lower.

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Life: Thanks to your enterprising nature, you will move forward with unremitting efficiency. You have faith in your future and act accordingly. If you’re looking for a job, you will make sure to learn the vital information and therefore put yourself amongst the best candidates.

Love: The stars won’t help you out this week. You will be tempted to smash the dishes into pieces if people don’t immediately respond to your whims or fancies.

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Life: It is an excellent month for you to increase your revenue, find a new job or make the most out of your activities. Go full tilt if you want to succeed this week. You have all the assets on hand to push yourself to the top!

Love: You will benefit from a calming atmosphere around family but regarding romance, you display some frustrations. Your exchanges are a bit lukewarm for a heart full of passion.

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Life: Thanks to your intricacy and delicacy, you make yourself noticed at work in tasks which require patience and belligerence. On Sunday, the moon will provide you with the desire for new projects.

Love: To spice up your relationship, you decide to sign up for some common interests. If you’re single, take note of the vigor that the stars inject you with… you will attract others and will be spoilt for choice.

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Life: Even if you are really moved by the competition during this week, you are no longer on form and your actions lack punch… It can be difficult to change your rhythm.

Love: You will turn to wisdom and tenderness in this week of return and you’ll be satisfied by the harmonious exchanges you have with your partner. Your discussions are both profound and complicit at the same time. Singles, the time is right for you to meet a compatible partner.

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Life: You will act with finesse rather than force. The new moon’s position in Virgo on the 9th, strongly related to Jupiter and Pluton, will improve your socio-professional and financial opportunities. Your analysis will be accurate and trustworthy.

Love: You are resting on your laurels a bit. You have better things to do than to lament over love. For those in relationships, you may hardly have time to see each other but you no longer complain about it.

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Life: Whatever your profession, you look to innovate, create, and act to the best of your capabilities. Despite your financial concerns, you desire change as you feel your routine weighs you down. A training course may interest you.

Love: The week of coming back will seem to destabilize you romantically. Watch out for a unwarranted surprise this weekend. If you want to avoid a break up, put some water in your wine!

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Life: You feel that you are clearly progressing at work and making steps forward. When you begin a task, you apply yourself fully from the first day. Whatever your job is, you will benefit from unsought protection and support.

Love: You will feel the need for change. As a couple, the longer the week goes on, the more the pressure rises …  You dream of something more, is the grass greener on the other side?

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Life: This week of coming back may have the opposite effect on you … You miss the bus, you forget something at home, you’re physically present when you get to work but your mind is still on vacation.

Love: Watch out for a lot of tension at the end of the week. Everyone looks out for themselves before beginning relationships but this attitude has negative implications for couples. It is healthy to have your own space in a relationship.

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Life: This week will take you by surprise and you won’t have the time to say ‘Yikes’ before you are already caught in a whirlwind of your facilitating your children’s’ hobbies, their return to school and your own job.

Love: There is a strange atmosphere, you feel full of irritation and anger – a feeling you hide… until Sunday. On that day in particular be careful, as the final straw may break the camel’s back.

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