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Gas Prices Will Rise By Up To 8 Cents Per Litre In Several Canadian Provinces

Narcity logo Narcity 5 days ago Stephanie Hilash
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It’s happening again. Canadian gas prices are forecasted to rise by five to eight cents per litre in several provinces. We hate to be the bearer or bad news, but here’s everything you need to know.

Gas prices this year have been a real rollercoaster ride. About two months ago, Canadian gas prices broke records when Vancouver prices were categorized as being the highest ever seen in all of North America.

Thankfully, things took a slight dip as prices in BC went down by 40 cents, then hit a two year low just in time for the Canada Day long weekend.

Now, they will be going up again by about eight centre per litre in several provinces around Canada. According to Dan McTeague, previous fuel analyst at, this five to eight cent increase will be taking place in parts of Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

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In a tweet, McTeague stated that the hikes would take place in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Kelowna.


According to the GasBuddy website, the lowest price for gas in BC is $1.18 per litre in Fort St. John. The cheapest gas in Alberta and Saskatchewan is .91 per litre and $1.04 per litre respectively. 


This increase in prices is sure going to hurt the wallet. Earlier this year, a survey was conducted and it concluded that one in three BC residents could not afford the expensive gas. The study even found that some people were opting to use public transit instead of driving due to the expense. Gas prices were so high, that two in every five Canadians (44%) were claiming that prices were making it harder to afford necessities.

At one point in time, gas prices in BC were so high, that 60% of Canadians were considering purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle to save money.


McTeague did not say when this increase would take place, so better fill up sooner than later if you're in the cities that are affected!

Narcity has reached out to Dan McTeague for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.


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