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Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Climb Back Up Tomorrow & Even The 'Cheap' Spots Will Be Pricier

Narcity logo Narcity 2022-08-18 Patrick John Gilson
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Life offers enough opportunities to procrastinate over, but Ontario gas predictions..maybe not. Those are stats worth keeping a tab on, especially this tumultuous summer.

According to gas price monitoring portal Gas Wizard, most of the province will see a two-cent hike on Friday, robbing motorists of most of today's three-cent decrease. So, you'll definitely want to sweep into the local station at your earliest convenience.

Perhaps the least fun thing about this expected uptick is the equalizing effect it will have on Ontario gas prices.

Peterborough, a city which regularly records the province's cheapest gas, could receive a six-cent bump, catapulting its prices up from its two-day stretch at a merciful 156.6 cents per litre currently to 162.6 tomorrow.

If all goes as predicted, Ontario regions will practically be a united front at the pumps, with the only notable exceptions being Thunder Bay (164.9) and Sudbury (172.3).

Barrie and London will also squeak by at a slightly cheaper 161.9 cents per litre, just managing to give its drivers enough savings to flex on neighbouring Torontonians.

Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, has some tips if you're looking to save the most on gas.

McTeague recently told Narcity that he recommends holding off until Saturday night to fuel up — weekend evenings see gas bars lose some of their retail margins for a few hours.

"Many stations part with some of their 7-9 cent a litre retail margin, which is included in the price, to attract more volumes of sales when traffic slows down," he said.


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