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Torontohenge promises spectacular sunsets for the GTA

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Are you ready for Torontohenge? Glance down any of the GTA's east-west aligned streets later today, and have your camera ready because we may be in store for a spectacular sunset.

Years ago, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson coined the term "Manhattanhenge" to note certain days of the year when the setting Sun would line up perfectly along the streets of Manhattan.

Framed by the tall skyscrapers of the New York City borough, this produced a effect similar to what the ancient druids produced when they erected Stonehenge, in what is now Wiltshire, England.

Manhattan isn't the only city that sees this phenomenon, though.

Toronto experiences this as well, and - appropriately enough - this has come to be known as Torontohenge.

Today, February 15, is the first of two sunset Torontohenges for 2017, when the setting Sun lines up with the GTA's east-west aligned streets.

Sunset occurs at 5:48 p.m. EST today, so if you are in downtown Toronto, and you can safely take a moment around that time for a short pause in your day, stop and look to the west.

A quick caveat to all of this is that the GTA is experiencing a mix of Sun and cloud in our sky today. While the forecast grants us at least partly sunny skies up until around 7 p.m., the exact timing of when that cloud rolls in along the western horizon may prevent us from getting the full effect of Torontohenge this time around.

Also a call for caution: If it does remain clear, with the setting sun shining straight down the streets of Toronto, the glare will undoubtedly make things difficult for those who are behind the wheel. Whether the Sun is directly in your eyes as you drive west, or in your rear-view mirror as you drive east, extra care should be taken during the commute this afternoon, so that we can all arrive at our destinations, safe and sound.

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If you happen to miss this Torontohenge, there are actually three more in 2017, at sunrise on April 19 and August 23, and another sunset one on October 26.

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