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Penguin goes for midair walk down aisle of Southwest Airlines plane

This is the moment an inquisitive penguin waddled down the aisle of a Southwest Airlines plane, stunning those aboard. In the video, the Magellanic penguin is brought to the front of the plane midair on a San Diego flight to Salt Lake City and introduced over the PA by Travis, an employee from SeaWorld theme park. The penguin's name is Pete. "You're welcome to take pictures but please do not block the passage of the penguin," advises Travis. "Try to stay seated as well. Please keep your hands on your lap." Pete walks down the aisle all by himself while looking up at the passengers, who are taking photos. Writes the filmer: "In 2011, on flights around San Diego, SeaWorld was doing an in-flight educational bit where they would talk a little about Magellanic penguins and then let ones they had brought abroad in a pet carrier out to walk up and down the aisle while people could take pictures."
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