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Apex Legends Devs Have 'No Plans' to Permanently Add LTM Throwing Knife

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 2022-09-23 Ralston Dacanay

Respawn Entertainment seemingly has no plans to make the Throwing Knife a permanent weapon in Apex Legends.

Since making its debut with the Gun Run LTM during the Beast of Prey Collection Event, the mode's exclusive, game-ending Throwing Knife weapon has quickly become a fan favorite in the community. However, it appears Respawn has no interest in adding it to the game's default weapon pool just yet.

During a Reddit AMA on Sept. 20, Respawn lead game designer Robert "RoboB0b" West revealed that the devs have "no plans currently" to make the Throwing Knife available in Apex Legends outside of the Gun Run LTM.

"The throwing knife was designed as the final weapon in Gun Run and is tuned to be quite lethal!" West wrote. "Even if we make it an air drop weapon, it would probably need some changes when considering battle royale."

When asked about what inspired Respawn to design its Throwing Knife, West explained how it was truly tailormade simply for the new LTM.

"Originally, we were thinking of ending it with melee," West wrote, "but even if it was lethal melee it didn’t feel right combined with Apex’s movement. We wanted something difficult but achievable, with some range but optimal at short range. Throwing knife fit the bill and was prototyped really early on in development. /u/RSPN_Jello took the arc star, removed the explosion and upped the initial hit. We loved it right away and started concepting the final visual design."

For those holding out hope that Respawn changes its mind soon, West did give a nod to the fact that the team has made other LTM items permanent in the past, such as Evo Shields.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if we ran more BR LTMs that influence baseline BR in the future," West wrote.


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