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Today’s Daily Jumble in Color answer (May 2022)

GamePur logo GamePur 4 days ago Rabia Sayal
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It’s no secret that classic scrambled word games offer brain-teasing fun, and that’s why they have seen exponential growth over the past few years. Daily Jumble in Color is one of these puzzle games that is enjoying an enormous player base.

As the name suggests, players will have to use their brain and solve several words by rearranging random letters. After decoding the word, players must then use them as a clue to solve the final phrase within a specific time. If you’re having a hard time deciphering today’s Daily Jumble in Color answer, we’re here to help them out with the solution.

Today’s Daily Jumble in Color Answer

Today's Daily Jumble in Color Answer © Provided by GamePur Today's Daily Jumble in Color Answer

Here’s the answer for each word of today’s Daily Jumble in Color:

  • Answer for CNUIDT — INDUCT
  • Answer for DCLOED — CODDLE
  • Answer for LIFUAB — FIBULA
  • Answer for TGONET — GOTTEN
  • Answer for GRINOI — ORIGIN
  • Answer for QUUIEN — UNIQUE

Final Answer

After solving the above-mentioned jumble puzzles, you will have the following letters for the final word:


How to play

Here are the instructions to play Daily Jumble in Color:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the puzzle and click on Play button.
  • Click on the letters in the correct order to re-arrange them.
  • Repeat the above step for all four words.
  • Finally, re-arrange the circled letters to decode the final phrase of the game.

Each letter in an answer has a value of 20 points. When you solve an answer in the first 30 seconds, your score multiplayer will increase to 5x. If a player uses the HINT button during the play, the game will deduct 15 points from your total score. Therefore, solve the puzzle quickly and flaunt your high scores in front of others.


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