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Impatient puppy barks at mom for not sharing dog food

Huskies are very unique dogs, and their breed is quite well-known for being pretty vocal. If you were to go online, you’d be able to look through tons of videos that show off this breed’s unique penchant for talking. Nala the white Siberian husky is now a mom, as she gave birth to 2 beautiful white husky puppies. This little white husky puppy is only 1 month old and yet he gets out of control and constantly yells at his mother Nala. Despite his temper at this video, this puppy is very sweet and calm and his mother always pays close attention to him. However, his mother Nala does not allow him to access her bowl with dog food and the puppy loses his temper! The reason she doesn't let him eat is because it's not his time yet, that is, the transition from milk to food does not yet suggest it for her child.
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