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Timing, location key for Uber and Lyft drivers

Making a buck off Uber or rival services like Lyft comes with challenges, including vehicle wear and tear, insurance, varying rates of pay and dealing with customers. Then there's the persistent stories about fares being too low for drivers to make a decent salary. Jeff Perera, who has been driving his 2012 Honda Civic for Uber in Toronto since 2016, says timing and location are two key factors for drivers looking to turn a profit. Perera says timing is important because the companies set the rates, not the drivers. Mostly, he sees a lot of demand for rides around rush hour and at 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and big Holidays. He says location is just as important as timing and adds that he uses the Uber app to identify busy areas with few drivers around. Perera says drivers should put a little bit of money aside every month to cover repairs and oil changes. He says drivers should also account for the unexpected — accidents, customers that get sick in your car or general wear and tear. Some drivers should also stock their car with water bottles, mints, tissues, charging cables and snacks, which should be worked into your budget. All of which add costs, but also add an extra chance to get a tip.
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