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Frostpunk | Worth it in 2022? | Unbiased detailed review

Is Frostpunk worth playing in 2022? This video provides an in depth look at the gameplay to help you make an informed decision. If you enjoy steampunk, city building survival games you may have heard of Frostpunk. But is it worth the money? Is it worth the time it would take to learn the various mechanics? 00:30 30 (ish) second summary 01:46 Is the tutorial any good? 02:22 What's the setting for the game? 02:50 The mechanics - what do you actually do?! 05:47 Is there a lot of micro management? 07:52 Do I get to build a massive base? 08:28 Is there much resource management? 09:57 How does research work? Is there much? 10:23 What are laws and how do they work? 11:09 Is there much of a story? Is it any good? 11:41 What are the aesthetics like and how do they work together? 13:21 What are the different game modes? 13:48 15 hour summary - is it still worth playing? 15:05 Prices / sale prices / DLC options 16:23 Final recommendations, which kind of gamers would be interested? I'm a big strategy game fan, any game with tanks, planes, and BIG BATTLES will get my attention, but what about surviving the frozen end of humanity in Frostpunk? I've purchased the game and played it for 15 hours to help you decide, is Frostpunk worth it? We look at all aspects of the game, the big picture, the small picture, the game mechanics, and how it compares to other games such as Northgard or They Are Billions.
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