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Chastain wears ear prompter for 'The Good Nurse'

SHOTLIST:RESTRICTION SUMMARY:FILM CLIPS ARE CLEARED FOR MEDIA BROADCAST AND/OR INTERNET USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS STORY ONLY. NO RE-SALE. NO ARCHIVE. NETFLIX1. Trailer excerpt - "The Good Nurse"ASSOCIATED PRESSToronto, 10 September 20222. SOUNDBITE (English) Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain, actors:Redmayne: "Jess was saying earlier and it's a true thing. Like I have lots of friends who are actors and again, Jess and I knew each other before we did this. there this was a slight fear, like a trepidation when you arrive on set because I have friends who I love as actors who I never want to work with because I'm terrified of what they'd be like on set and people are different in the workplace. But Jess was extraordinary. Her, her character has is suffering from arrhythmia. The physical... having to hold that the whole way through the movie was quite a rigorous and intensive thing. And she would do this thing where before a scene she would run around like do laps of the set in order to build her heart rate:"Chastain: "Give me a ten minute warning."Redmayne: "Yeah, I should be going going. Great. And then there'd be like 'There's a problem with the camera' and be like. And then she'd have to keep running and keep running and keep running. But. But, and also. Did you not have an ear?"Jessica: "Yeah, I had an earwig with a heartbeat in it. So to be as I asked him, Could you please dial the beats per minute to what Amy might be experiencing so we could be in the middle of a scene and all of a sudden, my heart rate would go much faster. And then I tried to like calm myself down. So it was a way for him to direct me through what was happening in my body and through an earwig, which I thought was very, very helpful."Eddie: "And I had no idea that was happening. Literally none."Jessica: "Really, you didn't know?" Eddie: "No idea, yeah, no idea. Until one day. I was like, 'Is this Les Mis? Like, have you got like the orchestra played into your ear? Are you Johnny Depp?'"Jessica: "My lines. I haven't memorized my lines. Just feed them to me."NETFLIX3. Trailer excerpt - "The Good Nurse"NETFLIX4. Trailer excerpt - "The Good Nurse"===========================================================Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory.
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