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Canadian animator recreates Kawhi Leonard shot in Lego

Stop-motion animator Jared Jacobs is a big Toronto Raptors fan and wants star player Kawhi Leonard to stay with the team. So to help convince the NBA star to stay, the Calgary-raised animator turned to his own area of expertise: Lego. In a stop-motion video, Jacobs used the toy pieces to meticulously recreate Leonard's famous buzzer-beater moment against Philadelphia in Game 7 of the second round. He posted the video to Twitter, where it has since gone viral. Jacobs said he hasn't heard whether any Raptors players have seen his video, but the team has posted it on its Instagram and Twitter pages. Jacobs added that he wanted to recreate the iconic moment earlier but felt it a conflict of interest because he was doing work for the Golden State Warriors during the Finals. The buzzer-beater lego video took about 40 hours to make, not including the research he put into it. Jacobs says the end where the crowd jumped up and down raising their hands was "painstakingly long." That scene in particular, required him to move dozens of little people at the same time each frame For the project, his graphic-designer friend created the jerseys.

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