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Chicken cools down in the sprinkler during hot summer day

The owner was outside one hot day and needed to find a way to cool off. After searching the garage she found their sprinkler and set it up in their backyard. Cora (her dog) came to investigate it but didn’t like getting sprayed, so she ran away to go play in her pool. The owner then remembered how hot it was in the chicken coop and went and got a chicken. She brought nugget over to the sprinkler and set her down on the ground, but nugget didn’t like the idea of getting wet, and tried to make a run for it. After the Owner chased after the nugget and caught her, as a bit of punishment she picked her back up again (she loves it) and held her in the water for a few seconds, and after that she was very grateful for it, but also wasn't impressed. She then put nugget down and nugget dashed to the coop to hide from her owner. Margo went to the coop and tried another lucky chicken, Covid, but she just flew out of her hands and ran back to the coop and didn’t want to be picked up anymore or get wet. After trying all the chickens that would cooperate, she left them alone and filmed nugget.




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