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Did Selena Gomez END Her Friendship with Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift?!

Ok guys. I have a crazy question and even crazier theory… Hear me out here! Did Selena Gomez have a falling out with her best friends?? I know, I know, this is nuts, but I have some thoughts. Ok, first lets start with the basics. Once upon a time it seemed like Selena Gomez had a really good group of friends, including superstars Taylor Swift and Camilla Cabello. In fact, they all used to hang out TOGETHER. Back in 2015 both Selena and Taylor threw Camila a pretty epic birthday party. Lots of singing, lots of hugging. Everybody looks happy! Camila has been SUPER open about her love for Selena. I mean look at her gush to KISS FM last year about her friend. Then there’s Taylor. For a good run in 2016, you’d hardly see Selena without her best pal Taylor Swift. They rocked the Grammys red carpet together, Selena supported Tay Tay at the iHeart Radio awards - there were endless selfies of these two together. And Selena just GUSHED about her gal pal. “I’ve known her for ten years,” the singer said on ITV’s Lorraine. “She’s been one of my best friends through thick and thin, walked by my side. She’s been there during crucial points in my life and in my career.” But have you noticed a shift since Selena entered rehab last year. The singer went away for 3 months and made a triumphant return to the spotlight at the American Music Awards, when she said this. In response both Taylor AND Camila sent their love to Selena via social media. Tay posted a video onto Instagram, and Camila tweeted “I love you.” Ok, but that was back in November - and we haven’t seen Selena with either one of these girls, seemingly her best friends since. Not a photo, not a party, not even a mention to her pals on social media. Nothing! Now I’m gonna go ahead and give Selena the benefit of the doubt here and point out that she’s been going through a LOT over the last year. Depression, anxiety, rehab. She’s been pretty off the grid. And she’s been open about her need for REAL people in her life. a few months back she posted this video onto Instagram claiming she was done with fake friends. Was she talking about Taylor and Camila? Cause let’s be real. Its not like Selena is in hiding. Just yesterday we saw her walking hand and hand with her new boyfriend, the weekend - and she’s been having a blast traveling to his shows all over the world - even hanging out with model friends in the process. I mean, maybe everyone is just busy, but to me, it kinda seems like Camila and Taylor’s friendships with Selena are a little lopsided, and Selena is not interested. Ok, gonna need your thoughts! Don’t freak out! I’m just speculating here cause honestly, I miss the girl power! But let me know your take in the comment section down below.
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