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Guy crashes bike, literally lands on top of rattlesnake

While riding on a secluded trail, this dude hit a patch of deep sand that bogged down his bike and could not move any further. As his bike came to a stop he was getting ready to put his foot down when he heard a rattlesnake directly below his bike! He unclipped his left bike shoe from the pedal and hopped up and down while trying to unclip his right shoe. He was trying to keep his left foot in the air as long as possible because he was right on top of the snake and expected to feel the bite any second. He was able to unclip his right shoe and push himself to the left of the trail to get away from this mad-as-hell snake. That's when he pulled out his cell phone to take video. He would have stayed longer but the snake was acting aggressive an started moving toward him so he was outta there! Crazy!
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