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Kendall Jenner FIRES Security Guard After Losing $200k in Jewelry from Home Robbery

Kendall Jenner’s home robbery last week had me asking the question: Where was her security? Why weren’t they there? The Kardashian-Jenner’s know better than anyone how important it is to have very tight security, especially after Kim’s robbery. Well the answer to that question was never answered and now Kendall is out $200 thousand in jewels… so you know what she did? She cleaned house and got rid of her security team. Well it was actually one security guard that is out of a job now. Quick recap of the robbery, Kendall threw a little shin-dig on Wednesday night and she had to leave for about an hour around midnight and that’s when the robber hit… but the robber didn’t break in… he or she was actually at the party with Kendall and her friends… so it is reportedly an inside job! Where did Kendall go?? I’m assuming to grab food for her friends, but still… did the security guard not see her leave or did she not inform him that she was leaving? TMZ is reporting the security guard was stationed outside when an uninvited guest made their way into the house and stole the jewels from Kendall’s bedroom. A few things stolen included a Rolex watch and Cartier timepiece. Reports revealed the guard only worked for Kendall for a short period of time. A source says the decision wasn’t person, but rather a complete overhauling of security after the incident. Firing off security guards and teams isn’t new for the Kardashian-Jenner family. In 2015 Kris fired her entire security team after a trespasser made their way into her home in the middle of the day while Kim, North and Saint were in the house. And Kim and Kanye got rid of their security guard after Kim’s Paris robbery. I mean it does make sense. If you are supposed to be safe and secure in your own home and your guard cannot ensure that, then it’s probably best you say “buh-bye” and hire someone else. Does this news surprise you? Should Kendall have given the guard another chance, or was it time for him to go? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments down below!
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