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Man shows how he learned to do the splits in 7 months

An inspirational video of a US fitness fanatic's seven-month journey into doing the splits. Hunter Hobbs from Oklahoma has always wished he could perform the splits so in August 2018 he decided to challenge himself and stretch until he could comfortably do the splits. “I’ve always wanted to do the splits but have never come close to doing them in the past, this ended up being one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever done,” Hobbs explained. To start his endeavour, Hobbs did some simple stretches. He progressed into leg workouts, then squats, leg presses and stretches until he could finally do a full spread split. “I thought it would maybe take three months tops to fully get into the splits, but it ended up taking me seven - with plenty of obstacles in the way,” Hunter said. “I didn’t warm up properly at the beginning of December and pulled my hamstring, which set me back about a month. I almost gave up about three separate times during this journey, but ultimately, I pushed through it and completed them in March. I’m glad I decided to finish and love being able to do the splits now, especially as a guy (which I feel like is harder to do).”
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