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Playful Great Dane puppies are the cutest things ever

The only thing cuter than a Great Dane puppy is TWO Great Dane Puppies. This is Raven, an eight week old pup being introduced to her forever home. Her sister has come along for the ride and will be picked up by her new family at Raven's home, but for now, the two are enjoying a last romp in the long grass before they say goodbye. Great Danes are known for their loving and friendly personalities and these two are no exceptions. They roll and wrestle happily, jumping on each other and gently nibbling anything they can get their mouths on. They have been raised by a loving breeder and a wonderful mother and they are now old enough to leave their mother's side. Despite being friendly, Great Danes are protective and fiercely loyal, with an impressive bark. Their stern look is formidable enough to deter even the most determined of aggressors. Even so, they are a gentle breed and they make ideal family pets. Raven and her sister will grow to approximately 70kg (over 150lbs) and they will llok more like a small horses than dog.

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