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Timelapse video shows wind blowing in two different directions

Romantic flashmob proposal leaves woman stunned

A heartwarming video has emerged from the US of a man surprising his girlfriend with a flashmob proposal. The footage, captured in Pennsylvania on February 3, shows the woman sitting on the back of a car whilst her cousin plays her favourite song on the guitar. Then, all of a sudden, the car moves and she sees her relatives and friends dancing together. Finally, the boyfriend appears and gets her out of the car to ask her hand in marriage. ''When we get to the bottom of the driveway I see my mom and her husband Jon I remember thinking this is silly. At the next part I see my Dad and his Fiancee, Leona, and I was in total shock,'' the woman later wrote online. ''I was flat out confused until I saw all four of my best friends all come out together until I realised it was a proposal.'' ''After that, more and more friends and family kept joining in and I could not have been more shocked and happy to have everyone come out and participate in this big performance.'' ''Not only was I emotional knowing this is a proposal, but I began tearing up just seeing all the support from everyone. It was really special seeing all they were willing to do to show how much they love us,'' she added.
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