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Tower frees car from 'unfortunate' parking spot

Tow operators are an underappreciated bunch. They are the unsung heroes who get called to pull vehicles out of ditches in the middle of storms or dangerous situations. They respond to calls involving mangled wrecks and occasionally, tragic scenarios. In all cases, they are under pressure to remove vehicles as quickly as possible and in a way that doesn't put another scratch on a person's precious automobile. Sometimes this involves imagination and problem solving skills that are downright impressive. In this case, a motorist drove from one parking lot to another, somehow missing the fact that there was a steep decline separating the two. To make things even clearer, low concrete barriers were placed along the edge of the decline to prevent mishaps such as this. But sometimes, even the obvious escapes us and a small driver error can have big consequences. The motorist managed to get the SUV over the concrete curb and the front end dropped far below the level of the back end. The curb became lodged against the undercarriage of the vehicle and the the back end pivoted up so that the rear wheels were barely in contact with the pavement. The wheels could not get traction and the curb held the SUV in position, tiled forward with the front bumper almost on the ground. There was no choice but to call for a rescue from the tow truck service. You can see that the tow operator is facing a unique and unusual situation.
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