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Women Are Spending $30,000 to Look Like IVANKA TRUMP!

Ok, so remember when EVERYONE wanted the J Lo Booty?? And people lined up to get lips just like Kylie Jenner! We’re talking about women who want plastic surgery to LOOK like their favorite celeb! Well, there’s a hot new celeb in town that’s making people want to change their looks. And she’s kind of a big deal in Washington right now. Plastic surgeons are saying women want to look like President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. Now these women are after Ivanka’s eyes, nose, and perfect cheekbones, and many, many surgeons say Ivanka’s face is the new J Lo Booty. Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon in Houston told USA Today that more and more women want to look like the first daughter. In my practice, Ivanka is sort of the new style icon for plastic surgery. Franklin revealed that one of his patients, Jenny Stewart, paid 30,000 dollars and endured 6 hours of surgery to look like her idol. Let’s look side by side. Worth it? Dallas Surgeon Rod Rohrich said women want ALL of Ivanka’s features. Great and sculpted, clean facial features, he said. Including her high cheekbones and beautiful skin and elegant nose. So what they’re saying is, eventually we’re all going to see more and more Ivanka’s popping up! Kinda creepy if you ask me, I tend copy my favorite celebrities hairstyles. Its a little less…. permanent. But Like I said, this plastic surgery practice isn’t really new. Remember in the 90s when everyone wanted the RACHEL haircut? Well a lot of women wanted Jennifer Aniston’s nose more. And surgeons hear a lot of patients waiting Kardashian features nowadays. Big butt, big boobs, you name it! Oh, and Angelina Jolie’s cheeks are also in high demand. So really I guess it comes down to preference. Would I do it, NOPE! And that’s not a knock on Ivanka, she’s a gorgeous girl, but I think my face is just fine. Although, if I had to pick a celeb to look like…. Nah, I’ll keep that to myself. But YOU tell me who’d you pick in the comment section below.
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