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Military shaves restrictions on women in uniform wearing ponytails

The Canadian military is relaxing its hair and dress regulations for women. For the first time, women in uniform will be allowed to wear ponytails, go bare-legged when wearing skirts and opt to wear flat shoes instead of pumps or oxfords. The move is the latest effort to modernize the Canadian Armed Forces after the recent easing of restrictions on beards, boots and off-duty marijuana use. Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond says greater control over personal appearance is good for morale and helps attract new recruits. Previously, female military personnel with long hair were required to keep it in braids or buns while on duty. They were also required to wear five-centimetre pumps or oxford shoes as well as nylons if they were working in skirts. However, ponytails are not allowed with ceremonial uniforms and, can't go "below the top of the armpit."
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