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The fastest family hot hatchbacks you can buy today

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The fastest family hot hatchbacks you can buy today

So you’ve had a family and think you need to give up the hot hatch life. As before your life was overrun by little people waking you up at all hours, you had a fast car which you loved and cherished. But now you need sensible family transportation to carry many people and many things.

But what if you still want to be fast with the family? Well, you still can.

What defines sensible family transport? For starters, a car must tick several boxes. The first of which is having back seats meaning no roll cages or any other race-spec gubbins – as after all small children don’t like track days for a reason. The second of which is that any car choice must have five doors and a boot making child and thing loading a breeze.

This leaves you with an excellent choice of five-door hot hatchbacks that are more than capable family transport, all with colossal pace and power, allowing you to have fun with or without the family.

Here, we run down the quickest hot family hatchbacks you can buy in 2019 based on the all-important 0-62mph benchmark sprint time.

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