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UK driving licences 'may no longer be recognised by the EU after Brexit'

Mirror logo Mirror 23/02/2018 Rachael Burford
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British motorists might be stopped from driving in Europe after Brexit because UK licences will no longer be recognised, it has been claimed.

If ministers fail to strike a deal with the EU on transport holidaymakers might find themselves unable to hire a car on the Continent.

During a presentation yesterday the European Commission suggested the mutual recognition of driving licences could be withdrawn as a “consequence of the UK becoming a third country in the road transport sector”.

It said if the UK left the internal market “all current EU law-based rights, obligations and benefits" would cease.

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This would mean the “end of mutual recognition of driving licences, vehicle registration documents and certificates of professional competence for drivers”, the Commission stated.

A Department for Transport spokesman said the government was 'confident' it will come to a deal and 'contingency' plans are in place if they do not.

One plan includes signing up to the United Nations Vienna convention on road traffic.

This would allow drivers to apply for an International Driving Permit, which enables non-EU citizens to legally drive in continental Europe.

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A DfT spokesman said: “Our aim is to reach an agreement with the EU for mutual licence recognition after Brexit.

Such a deal is in the interests of both sides and we remain confident of reaching such an agreement.

“However, it is only sensible that we put contingency measures in place for all


"Ratifying the Vienna Convention will guarantee that UK driving licences will be acceptable throughout the EU when held with the relevant supporting International Driving Permit.”

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