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Who needs a Ferrari? Six supercar alternatives

Classic & Sports Car Logo By Classic and Sports Car editorial team of Classic & Sports Car | Slide 1 of 19: Badge envy: six classic Ferrari alternatives

Not a fan of the Prancing Horse? Try these instead

Ferrari has long been the marque of choice for those looking to do classic car ownership the shiny way. After all, there’s nothing quite like a gleaming coat of rosso corsa.

Thing is, it’s also the obvious selection. From the thrilling 308 to the fabled F40, Ferraris are arguably the ultimate statement machines – as a quick walk through Knightsbridge will show you. Not a fan of the Prancing Horse and its associated brand snobbery? There are plenty of other ways to get your fix of power and performance in a sleek, stylish body, but minus that badge on the nose.

Here are six classic Ferrari alternatives that’ll soon make you forget you ever looked twice at an Enzo.

© Tony Baker/Malcolm Griffiths
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