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Best in-car phone holders

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We are more reliant on our phones than ever before in this day and age, and though using your mobile while driving is illegal, we still rely on them to provide such services as satellite navigation, music streaming, traffic alerts, dashcam applications and so on. Mounting your phone safely with a dedicated car phone holder is a great way of placing your device exactly where it should be in your car’s interior, minimising the risks of distraction, having an accident or breaking the law.

There’s a car phone holder out there to suit every budget, but not all are created equal, and there are a variety of options to suit various in-car mobile phone needs. It’s a good idea to consider points like placement, phone size and ergonomics when making your selection.

How we tested them

Each car phone holder tested was tested in a manner that attempted to recreate everyday use. The stability of each holder was put to the test in a car on a typically bumpy country road – the less vibration, the better. Holders were tested to make sure that they didn’t interfere with side buttons on the phone, as well on ease of fitment and removal.

The following phones were used to test each holder, from biggest to smallest: Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 4 and a small, basic Sony Ericsson. It was important to see if each phone was catered for – both in terms of fit and any dedicated features, like simultaneous charging.

1. Olixar CD Slot Mount Car Holder

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You probably don’t use your CD slot very much these days – a fact that most car manufacturers have already accounted for. However, f your car has one that’s lying dormant, you can put it to good use with a holder that uses the slot as its mount. This Olixar unit does just that, easily locking in place with a small lever once inserted. Your phone is held in place on an angle-adjustable plate with gripping arms that release at the touch of a button, a system that proved stable with all phones.

2. Olixar Dash Genie V2 Universal

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An unconventional but effective take on the car phone holder recipe, this model uses the combination of a sticky pad and some supporting feet to keep your phone secure. It’s an effective solution, though handsets can be difficult to remove thanks to the tackiness of that red pad. The unit attaches to your car’s window or dashboard using a very strong suction cup mechanism.

3. Kit: Premium SmartPhone Holder

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Push-button release functionality, plenty of adjustability, stable performance on bumpy roads and pleasingly soft rubberised pads for holding your phone mean that this holder is a great choice. It’s a holder that works best with larger phones like the iPhone 6S, as smaller handsets tend to rattle around in the unit, though the iPhone 4 used in this test didn’t actually fall out.

Osomount Smart Touch Universal Magic Mount

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A practical solution to the phone holder problem is a magnetic item, which makes the mounting and removal processes as seamless as possible. The Osomount system is angle-adjustable and easy to use – simply mount the holder in your car using the suction cup, stick the supplied metal mounting plate to your phone and the holder is ready to use. Larger handsets can come loose if pressed too hard in their outermost edges.

Steelie Vent Mount Kit

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Utilising air vents as mounting points is a good idea; they generally tend to placed exactly where you’d want your phone to be mounted. This system uses a small metal ball that accepts corresponding phone case. It’s a solution that offers plenty of articulation and a strong hold, but grip was not totally secure when manipulating the outer edges of a smartphone screen. We also have worries about the danger of a overheating handset if your car’s heater is on full whack.

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