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Jane Fonda slept in a fancy gown she wasn't able to get out of, and women are relating hard logo 18/01/2018 Valerie Loftus

Jane Fonda posing for the camera © F. Sadou IT’S PRETTY WELL acknowledged at this stage that Jane Fonda is a bada** (just listen to these podcasts about her political activism if you’re not convinced).

She’s a Hollywood legend, but at the end of the day, though, she’s still a woman who struggles with unzipping a dress by herself sometimes. And that’s somewhat comforting.

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The actress – who appears to have two Instagram accounts, because that’s just how she rolls – posted a picture of herself looking gorgeous at a gala in November…

Here’s me on the red carpet of LA Museum of Modern Art gala

A post shared by Jane Fonda (@janefondaofficial) on

…Then followed it up with a morning-after shot that tells a very different story.

Who among us has not fallen asleep in clothes they were too tired/tipsy to struggle out of, we say? And it seems the women of the world agree:

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a close up of a tree © Provided by

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a close up of a flower © Provided by

Forget Amazon Alexas and bitcoins and what have you – why hasn’t anyone invented something that will unzip a dress for you? It’s 2018! We deserve better!

Jane Fonda © Getty Jane Fonda

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